Sometimes it may become necessary to change your name on the Social Security card. This may arise due to change in marital status by marriage, divorce, court order or any other reason. To change and receive the updated Social Security card with the new name, you need to fill out an application and submit together with all the necessary documents. How hard will this process be and how long will it take. Simplify the process by reading?คาสิโน มาเก๊า ออนไลน์ Note that there are no charge for updating your Social Security card.

Proof of Identity

You need to prove your identity and current citizenship status by providing documents showing your were born in the US or you are in the US legally. Certain documents will be acceptable as a proof of identity and documents have to be valid with all the necessary informations for clearly identifying you. This documents may be either, US birth certificate, current US passport.This information include your name, date of birth or age and possibly a recent photograph. US driving licence will also have all this information. Other documents which might be of help are Employment ID card, School ID card, Health insurance card or US military card. All the documents have to be original. Duplicates will be rejected even if notarized.

Proof of Legal Name Change

You will be required to produce recently acquired documents which were issued to necessitate change in your name. This documents must have been issued within the past two years. Any of the following document may prove your name change:- Marriage document – Divorce decree- Certificate of Naturalization showing a new name – Court order approving the new name- For updating details of Social Security card for a child, a final adoption decree must be provided with the new name change, or an amended birth certificate with a new name.

Applications Form

You can either get the application copy in the following three way. But in whichever way you choose to apply for Social Security card, you must use the official form. To get the application forms you may:- Download, print online from https:Ilwww.ssa.govlformslss-5.pdf and fill in the details – Call the office of Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 and request for the form – If there is a Social Security office near you, you can pay a visit and request for the form. To find whether there is an office of Social Security near your place visit the website, or call 800-772-1213 or check the local telephone directory.

The Waiting Period

After gathering all your documents and applying you may have to wait for as long as six weeks or so but this may not be necessarily be the case. This will all depends on the work log or how heavy their queue is. Social Security Administration deals with hosts of issues and name changing being one of them. To make it easier for you and the officers at Social Security office, have all the necessary informations and documents with you beforehand. Apply on time to avoid disappointments and last minute rush.

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